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           Operation steps of the large junk, environmental protection is more and more attention by people, is continuously strengthen environmental consciousness, take large junk usage gradually rise, its work area is suitable for the reservoir, port channel, lakes for pumping sand sand, such as dredging, etc. Suction large junk of another name for platform, dump and the distinction between ordinary type is divided according to the different methods of sand pump, the main diesel engine, ship, pumping sand pump, anchor, rubber hose and so on six parts, a large junk using pumping sand pump work, reoccupy after first the tank in sand to draw sand sluicing water gun, the tank of sand fill, then ship to the shore, the turbine speed reducer is stirring, and then open the bottom door, sand to the shore, in the sand with cutting edge boat to the dock, which is the operation of the pumping large junk steps.
         If you want to make the pump efficiency is high, large junk without maintenance in our daily life. It is the same with the general equipment, use a long time, can produce all kinds of problems, so the need for maintenance in the matinee, prolong the service life of the mechanical equipment, not only can guarantee the construction schedule, more gains, saving the cost of production.